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I am excited to announce the creation of a new website that I think you will get a ton of value from http://www.AgileWealth.com/ and the associated blog site http://www.AgileWealth.com/blog/ that has frequent new posts, daily at the moment. Like I’ve said before in blog posts on this site, if you are not treating your independent contracting […] continue reading

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Freelancers are Growing Their Incomes Significantly

Freelancers are growing their income at a significantly faster clip than employees are. The perceived dis-incentives to be an independent with no long term employment and benefits are outweighed by the significant increase in income. Check out these statistics from an eLance annual survey supporting that fact. The independent professionals that are using the eLance […] continue reading

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Most Popular Major At Stanford Is Now Computer Science

The times do change and one reflection of that is what majors are most popular in the top colleges. At Stanford that happens to be Computer Science these days. Computer Science had become the most popular major and the one with the toughest competition to get into, which reflect the value that society is placing […] continue reading

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Are You Scared To Death Being An Independent Contractor?

Do you see Independent Contracting as a temporary, stop gap measure between your permanent full-time positions? If so, why? Is it because you are scared of the uncertainties of Independent Contracting? You don’t see Independent Contracting as a long term future or possible career choice? If not, why not? I’d be willing to bet that […] continue reading

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How Many Software Developers Are In Your Pocket?

A recent article on Forbes.com entitled “The Rise of Developeronomics” make some interesting assertions about the direction that the economy is going, and it is all good news if you are a skilled Software developer. http://goo.gl/TQtNZ continue reading

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Now Every Company Is A Software Company

A recent article on Forbes.com “Now Every Company Is A Software Company” puts a different twist on what I have been asserting for years about project staff. Software is one of the few disciplines where companies have brought internally departments and divisions of people outside of their core expertise. Companies outsource to an Architecture firm […] continue reading

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Cloud Hiring

Independent Contractors Becoming Core Model – Cloud Hiring Is Rising

A number of businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to project based solution websites for their temporary staffing needs. That is great news for Independents like ourselves. More and more projects are being posted onto the web for outsourcing rather than those small companies hiring those resources’ in-house. Even big companies are jumping […] continue reading

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