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Are You Scared To Death Being An Independent Contractor?


Do you see Independent Contracting as a temporary, stop gap measure between your permanent full-time positions? If so, why? Is it because you are scared of the uncertainties of Independent Contracting? You don’t see Independent Contracting as a long term future or possible career choice? If not, why not? I’d be willing to bet that […] continue reading

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How Many Software Developers Are In Your Pocket?

A recent article on entitled “The Rise of Developeronomics” make some interesting assertions about the direction that the economy is going, and it is all good news if you are a skilled Software developer. continue reading

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Independent Contractors Becoming Core Model – Cloud Hiring Is Rising

Cloud Hiring

A number of businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to project based solution websites for their temporary staffing needs. That is great news for Independents like ourselves. More and more projects are being posted onto the web for outsourcing rather than those small companies hiring those resources’ in-house. Even big companies are jumping […] continue reading

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Phenomenal Teacher For Entrepreneurs

Once again Greg Habstritt is posting some amazing free content, videos and .PDFs out on his Authority Formula site. This is the 2nd video this week, so if you missed #1, you should check it out as well. Greg is a Phenomenal Teacher. I was a student in the initial launch of Greg’s Authority Formula […] continue reading

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Version One Is Better Than Version Zero

Ready, Fire, Aim

Version 1.0 is better than Version 0 is a phrase that I heard at a recent course that I attended on marketing on the internet. The implication is that it is better to get your first version of a not-quite-ready marketing campaign or even a new product out into the marketplace and see how it […] continue reading

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5 Tips On How To Work As A Contractor

Man Drawing Rising Chart

Check out my new Free Special Report that I just published as a supplement to my eBook “How To Work As A Contractor”. You can sign up to the right or below to have your free copy sent out to you today! This special report “5 Tips On How To Work As A Contractor” gives […] continue reading

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How Do You Determine What Rate To Charge?

How Do You Determine Bill Rate For Contracts?

If you are new to Independent Contracting, and even if you are an old hand, I’m sure you have wondered how to determine what rate you should charge your clients for your services. That is definitely a tricky subject and one with many variables and even more answers. Don’t you agree? The variables that factor […] continue reading

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