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Not All Recruiters Are Out To Take Advantage of IT Contractors

How To Be An IT Contractor

Some recruiters are above board and will be kind of on your side. None of them (that I have found) are totally on your side though, because they are working for and get paid by the client. Some of the Recruiters that you deal with will be out to take advantage of you, so you […] continue reading

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What Are the Real Costs of Working with a Staffing Agency?

Staffing 1

Have you ever sat down and calculated what you are paying that staffing agency or recruiter that found your latest contract? I’ll bet it is more than you think. That is, if you can even get the gross bill rate that the staffing firm is billing you out at. Many times that is kept like […] continue reading

What is an RFP (Request For Proposal) Anyhow? And Should I Even Care About Them?


An RFP is a Request For Proposal. They can be put out by any company or organization, but they are most common in a government agency situation where they are looking to have multiple bidders each propose their own solution to the problem that is presented. Sorry I missed posting on my blog last week, […] continue reading

What are the Alternatives After a Layoff?

pink slip

One option that you may not have previously considered is Independent Contracting, and there are a number of different Forms of relationship available for Independent Contracting. In an attempt to reduce expenses and adapt to the changed business climate, businesses of all size are reducing their full-time employee head count and instead increasing their use […] continue reading

What is the 3 Times Rule Anyhow?

3 - The Magic Number

Back in 1999, a friend, Glen Whitbeck, and I who were working on a project together came up with the “3 Times Rule”. It is a rule of thumb that even 12 years later has remained a pretty accurate rule of thumb. Since it is a rule of thumb, it isn’t always totally accurate, but […] continue reading

What Type of Contract Should I Look For?

Well, the smartass answer is that it depends. I know, I know, that is a cop out answer, but did you think there was a silver bullet, single easy solution for all people and all cases? There never is is there… For the full answer, please read on. Did you just get laid off and […] continue reading

What Type of Contract Relationships Are Available?

There are 3 types of contracting relationships available in the marketplace today: W-2 (Employee) 1099 (Contractor) 1099 Corp-to-Corp W-2 (Employee) Some contracting companies will only work with you if you are their direct employee via a W-2 relationship. I personally avoid that kind of relationship and those recruiting firms, as I am already a W-2 […] continue reading